Fittings for High-Speed Electric Railway

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Fittings for High-Speed Electric Railway
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Fittings for High-Speed Electric Railway

A Leading Role in Pioneering High-speed Electric Railway
(Participation in the high-speed railway facility industry, resulting in the effect of import substitution)

We have contributed to the import substitution and accumulation of technology by localizing fittings for high-speed electric railway which had depended entirely on imports and we will do our best to contribute to the development of railway industry by fulfilling our role and duty as a leader in production and supply of catenary and connecting fittings up to the 400km/h high-speed railway fittings and furthermore by achieving the safe, fast and comfortable ultra-high speed electric railway through continuous R&D.

Fittings for High-Speed Electric Railway

Pulley Type Tensioning Device
Steady Arm
Half Clamp
Dead-end Clamp
Half Clamp with Clevis for Tube
Compression Sleeve for Connecting and Coupling Power Lines
Hook Clamps Dropper
I-type Suspension Clamp
Compression Termination Clamp
Suspension Clamp
Clevis Termination Clamp
Twisted Hinge
Parallel Turnout Sleeve
Half Flange with Clevis for Steady Arm Tube
Clevis Anchor Strap
Rotatable Arm-support Fittings
Clamp Sleeve
Cable Clamp
Rotary Clip for Overhead Catenary
Dropper Spliced End

Pulley Type Tensioning Device

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