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The philosophy and values of SEMYUNG will be the greatest driving force for creating a success story.

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  • 2010's
    2017.10Developed Eco-friendly C/H Tower Attachment Fitting Sets
    2017.07Established Mieum Plant
    2017.05Developed Boltless Type Bundle Spacer
    2015.07Developed Cako 250 Type Free Brackets
    2015.07Developed Arrestor Devices for 345kV Transmission Line
    2012.10Developed the electrical fittings for High Speed Railway (132 kinds of electrical fittings including pulley type automatic tensioning device 2.6 ton)
    2011.02Appointed as a Localization Development Company for electrical fittings in the High Speed Railway (KR)
    2010.12Appointed as a Development Company for Electrical fittings in the Project of Future High Speed Railway (KRRI)
    2010.03Developed Boltless Type Spacer Damper for 6-Bundle
  • 2000's
    2009.06 Developed Arrestor Devices for Transmission Lines
    2007.07 Developed Prefabricated Jumper Devices for 765kV Single Circuit Transmission Tower
    2006.12 Developed Grip Type OPGW Fittings
    2005.08 Developed Quadruple Spacer Damper for 345kV Transmission Line (INNO-BIZ by SMBA)
    2005.03 Developed Forging Disks & Rims for Automobile Wheels
    2004.12 Developed Hold on Swing a Jumper Support String for 154kV Transmission Line
    2004.07 Developed V-String Insulator Set for 765kV Transmission Line
    2004.06 Established an Electric Technology Laboratory (No.20041815)
    2000.12 Developed Boltless Type Spacer Damper for Transmission Line (Spacer Damper Locking Device for a Power Bundled Transmission Line, Patent in Japan No.3273160)
  • 1990's
    1999.03 Developed Tower Fittings and String Set for 765kV Transmission Line
    1999.02 Developed & Supplied the Fittings through Participation in Gyeongbu High-speed Railway (KTX) Consortium
    1995.12 Contracted the Technology Agreement for Electrical Hardwares and Accessories with SANWA TEKKI Co., Ltd. in Japan
    1994.11 Developed Tensioning Device of 3 Ton and Spring Type Tensioning Device for Railway
    1992.01 Listed on the KOSDAQ Stock Market (No. 94)
    1991.12 Developed Tricot & Rachel Beams 21", 30" and 40" for Textile Equipment
  • 1980's
    1989.09Contracted the Technology Agreement of 30" Tricot & Rachel Beam with WASHI BEAM Co., Ltd. in Japan
    1988.08Constructed 2nd Factory in Changwon (AL Forging and AL Autocasting Factory)
    1988.04Developed Surge Tank for Automobiles
    1987.07Developed 20 kinds of Accessories for Electric Railway including Tunnel Brackets for the first time in Korea
    1985.08Developed Spacer Damper for 4-bundle for 345kV Transmission Line
    1984.07Developed Tower Fittings and String Set for 345kV Transmission Line
    1984.02Conversion to Corporation 'SEMYUNG Electric Machinery Co., Ltd.'
    1983.03Contracted the Licence Agreement for Spacer Damper Manufacturing Technology with Brush Power Equipment Limited (BPEL) in U.K.
  • 1960's
    1969.07Developed Hardware for 154kV Transmission Line for the first time in Korea
    1962.04Founded SEMYUNG Electric Commercial Firm in Busan

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