Management ideology

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The philosophy and values of SEMYUNG will be the greatest driving force for creating a success story.

Management ideology
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Management ideology

The Credos of SEMYUNG members.

1. I work by myself with confidence and joy.
2. I work by setting a goal and making a plan.
3. I make work come to fruition with creativity and sincerity.

Quality policy

1. We will expand exchange of information and improvement of service for customer satisfaction.

- We will collect customers' difficulties quickly, provide our product information to customers and carry out a thorough follow-up management, maintaining close ties with the customers.

2. We will expand on-time delivery and quality improvement for customer satisfaction.

- We will supply products of the quality requested by customers within the requested dates and always do research and make efforts for quality improvement.

3. We will expand the reliability through quick document processing for customer satisfaction.

- We will deal with all procedures through documentation and seek for customer satisfaction accurately and quickly.

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