Non-ferrous Forging

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Non-ferrous Casting / Forging

Safe and reliable product, this is top priority of SEMYUNG

Non-ferrous Forging
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Non-ferrous Forging

Stability and durability The best technology of light-weight (From non-ferrous forging to special steel forging)

We are committed to the development and production of forged products such as ships, aircrafts, and automobiles made of titanium, nickel, and super alloy as well as large (diameter 1,000/m) Al-alloy die forgings. In particular, we are contributing to the development of automotive industry through reduction in fuel consumption, improvement of braking performance, and enhancement of safety by reducing the automobile weight by developing high-strength Al-alloy forged wheels.

Non-ferrous Forging

Low Arm
Wheel Disk

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